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FireGloves since 1981

In the year 1981, Mr Polidoros Leptokarides had a corporate vision. His vision was to create a product range in order to protect all people (in work place or in house) from fire and high temperature.

His first professional action was to establish a company under the brand name of POLIS SAFETY, which will produce and provide a best in class quality products, for the protection from fire and high temperature.

In the year 1998 the company relocated its premises in a new industrial but commercial area as well. The growing demand for more products lead the company to enrich its product range by adding a great variety of tools, work wear and much more workers’ safety products. The specialization of the company in the production of high quality but ergonomic design, heat resistance gloves created a high awareness as well as recognition among the industrial sector.
The compliance with all the rules and standards of the European Union created the name of the most reliable company in the market.

The products perception from the local market inspired the company to design and create more products based on the same raw material, like the gloves, the PARA-ARAMID material.

The gloves were embraced with the fire proof aprons, leggings and sleeves, all made by the same material, the PARA-ARAMID.
The society’s growing concern, for the workers safety, together with the company’s policy for continuous and constant quality improvement and innovation lead to the creation of a unique double coated with PARA-ARAMID material, fire proof glove.

The new glove satisfies all the needs and demands of the market due to its extreme resistance in high temperature and its top level durability in mechanical heavy duty works.

Because of all the product characteristics, mentioned above, including quality, durability, flexibility and ability to perform in high standards the glove was granted with honors and distinctions from the state organization for the certification and prove of performance and capabilities.

The today’s company objectives are to broaden its activities with the expansion of the products family in the global market and establish a well recognizable and respectful brand name.

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